Czech Republic • Poland • Slovakia

The roots of handball comes from Czechoslovakia. One of the first vari- eties of this beautiful sport discipline was hazena. The rules of the game were developed by Czech physical education teachers, first Josef Klenka, and then refined by Antonín Krištof in 1905. Hazena gained popularity first in Czechoslovakia and then in Europe. It reached its greatest popularity in 1934-1938. During this period it was grown almost exclusively by women.

The beginnings of handball in Poland are quite early, as they date back to 1918. They are bound by Polish legions interned in Szczypiorno near Ka- lisz, who learned from the German guards a new game in a POW camp.

After Poland regained independence handball began to develop dynami- cally throughout the country, initially in its popular then 11-man version.

10 000 spectators
10 000 spectators
5 000 spectators
15 000 spectators
5 000 spectators


10 000 spectators


Our goal is to create the most possible comfort for fans watching the games and having fun during the whole championships. Unique atmosphere at the venues, fan villages and public places, will be created by the best handball fans in Europe. 24-teams tournament will gather together hundreds of thousands of supporters from the whole Europe so everyone is invited to feel and experience unforgettable sports emotions.

We are convinced that the amazing atmosphere in the stands will also be given to the players. Building handball unity and community while competing on the court in the spirit of fair play is possible and we will prove it!

Our countries are a guarantee of the best hotels and stays for the Women’s EHF EURO 2024 including the highest standards of accomodation, exquisite cuisine, cultural attractions as well as entertainment facilities. Beautiful nature scenery with mountains will bring to the whole visitors many attractions as winter sports, SPA & wellness zones and thermal pools.
Everyone will find something for themselves including both active recreation and peace. After sporting emotions everyone deserves for a relax time. Thanks to hospitality of our inhabitants, hotels and restaurants owners an unforgettable time awaits all visitors. Feel free to relax!
„Close to fans” is the keynote guiding all the goals we set for ourselves. By implementing our strategy step by step, we increase the chance of final success! We want fans to feel like at home, to feel this unique atmosphere from the moment they appear with us.
We want to be closer our fans, showing not only our hospitality, friendship and organization at the highest level, but also present the tourist values of our countries and cities, captivate with culture, local cuisine and, above all, build interpersonal relationships. Fan Engagement is a formula that perfectly matches the motto of our event.

Let’s be closer to handball,
let’s be closer to fans than ever before.

Our experience in big events was confimed many times in the past.

We were a host of the biggest handball events and in the closest future
will be hosting another ones.

1964 – Men’s World Championship in Czechoslovakia

1974 – Women’s World Championship in Czechoslovakia

1990 – Men’s World Championship in Czechslovakia

2016 – Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland

2022 – Men’s EHF EURO in Slovakia and Hungary

2023 – Men’s World Championship in Poland and Sweden

2024 – Do we meet again in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia?

Close cooperation between the Czech, Polish and Slovakian federations is fundamental for the organizational success of the Women’s EHF EURO 2024.
We believe that our good relations will make us successfully achieve the common goal which is promotion and developing handball in our countries!